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What are the Zoobles?

What are ZooblesThe Zoobles are figure toylines which were created by Spin Master, a company engaged in the manufacture of children’s toys.

The Zoobles are a unique type of toys, Zoobles toys have special properties. These include, for example, that using Happitat which convert them into a unique character.



Zoobles variations:

  • Twoobles
  • Dee-lights
  • Special Edition
  • Hair-doobles
  • Zooble Mamas and Zooblings
  • Glow-in-the-Dark
  • Dressoobles
  • Chatteroos
  • Pitter Pets
  • Enchantoobles

Zoobles has several variations, but generally have the same primary function. Company Spin created in addition to the characters also playsets, which may serve to use the functions of your Zoobles characters.


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Bratz Racing Stars

Certainly racing game with cars can entertain girls. Especially when sitting behind the wheel of some of the beautiful Bratz dolls and you will be issued within their small town. At the beginning you choose which of the dolls to play and if you travel by car or scooter. Then go to the streets where it will be your task to collect the most valuable stars. The vehicle is controlled using the arrow keys and menu control mice. Continue reading

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High School Cheerlead

You like to dance? And the sports themselves? Then there is a super game for you. Introduce you to recruit new cheerleaders in high school. Choose one girl and with that you will have the task as well as dance captain. Single arrows represent the dance steps. You must select the right arrow at the right time to make your girl danced well. Do you have a good point and you can become a cheerleader? Continue reading

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Dress Up My Purse

Do you have a purse of your dreams? There is, or is so far only in your imagination? In this excellent creative decorating game you’ll be able to design a handbag to suit your needs. Choose a shape that will best suit you, choose to handle it right and closing. Add pockets and various ornaments. Finally, put the purse stylish colors and patterns. Continue reading

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Robecca’s Steamin’ Makeover

Make a really beautiful lady one of the students Monster High. Steamin Rebecca has long cared about his face, so you have to help her. First, thoroughly clean her face, use facial scrub and mask. Then you can start tearing eyebrows and applying the cream. It was not until the very end you can choose Rebecca make up and cool clothes. Continue reading

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Cooking Passion Dinner Party

For all you girls like to cook, or just want to learn it, there is an elaborate game. Follow the detailed instructions fully cook the entire dinner menu. Everything you need to do themselves. We will prepare all your ingredients, cut in the exact procedure mix. You cook, bake and fry. So you try everything and the kitchen really has nothing to surprise you. The game is controlled with the mouse and you can certainly look forward to great entertainment. Continue reading

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Party Pals

Party Pals it’s game for anyone who has a good point and I like his cute little animals. The main role is Pejša and female, who is running behind and collect cakes. Always have kitty jump expand gift. Then the dog jumps up and grabs the cake. But we have to beware of dangerous obstacles and wasps. Which Dog and Cat can lose lives. Both animals control mice. Whenever you click on one, so that the animal jumps. You must therefore be very fast. How many cakes you earn? Continue reading

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Winx Club Coloring

If you like series with beautiful and fun fairies of the Winx Club? Then you will certainly enjoy this very, very good on-line coloring. A wide variety of colors you will be able to paint themselves as five of these girls. You may be inspired to paint the series and the way you remember them. Or use your imagination and you really unusual color of their clothes and hair. It all depends on you and certainly good fun. Continue reading

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Penguin Diner

Penguins in Antarctica have decided to also open their own restaurant. Miss Penny Penguins lost their homes and as a waitress in this restaurant just trying to earn enough money to be able to return for his family. Will you help her to serve all guests quickly and correctly, that it pay well?
The game has an intriguing story and very well controlled with the mouse. With a variety of guest test your speed and observation. Continue reading

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Barbie bathroom

Barbie is a great bathroom decoration game in which you arrange a Barbie doll to help her new bathroom. All the important stuff already has, but does not know what to do with how it has put in a small room. As the scattered bath, toilet, sink and window? Do not forget to place for towels, shelves and necessary small things. As every woman has Barie lot off bottles of cosmetics and beautiful decorations. How do you think will eventually look like the bathroom? Continue reading

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